About Sandis Soap Scents

Sandi's Soap Scents started as a hobby and has grown into a very exciting and fun business venture. Back in 2000, my husband, son and I moved to Houghton Lake, a small resort town in Michigan. Our first winter was cold, snowy, long and rather boring, so I decided to take up a new hobby, making soap. I spent several months reading, researching and experimenting with a variety of ingredients. I enjoyed it so much I just had to share with my family and friends who also enjoyed my new creations. Shortly after that I decided to sell my soaps and was excited about how much people loved using my products. After that I continued to venture into more experimenting, testing and creating and from there Sandi's Soap Scents was born!

All of my products are made from the high quality ingredients approved by the FDA for use in soap and bath products. My glycerin soap is 100% pure vegetable glycerin. A few of my items contain herbs grown in my own backyard. I pay attention to detail and make small batches to bring you the best quality possible, full of the most wonderful things for your skin. All items carry ingredient labels so you can check for allergies or concerns you may have. Each item is packaged to keep things clean and fresh, something else that is very important to me. All of my products have been tested by relatives and friends before being added to my product line.

I had suffered from eczema for years and it wasn't until I started developing and using my own products that it not only cleared up but has remained gone since. I don't claim that it will cure your skin problems, but I do find it quite a coincidence as to when it finally went away! I spent 15 years going to the dermatologist trying different steroids, creams and regimens. Most of the moisturizers I had been given over the years for dry skin and eczema were always so greasy and took forever to soak up into the skin. My lotion is fast absorbing and not heavy or greasy! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

I truly hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy making them. Its amazing what a hobby can turn into. Everyone wonders what I am making when they walk into my house, it could be coconut, peony, other times its cinnamon or apple, I tell them its my "soap room" and invite them in for a sniff or two! I have so much fun sharing my products and hearing how people enjoy them. I'm like a kid in a candy store with so many scents! I think its so important for people to do something they really enjoy and the knowledge of other people enjoying it along with them is just a bonus.

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