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After having to finally discontinue our Vanilla Sugar when our supply of fragrance ran out, we have been on a search for a suitable replacement. It has been a very long and difficult journey as we all loved our Vanilla Sugar. Unfortunately our supplier closed up shop and we have tried nearly 40 vanilla's looking for the perfect one. After lots of testing and sniffing and sniffing again and deciding, we invite you to try our new Vanilla Bean soap.

A warm & delicious natural vanilla with a touch of white cocoa added to bring out the richness of the vanilla bean. Added in are bits of brown sugar & buttery vanilla cream to round out this yummy scent. Every vanilla lover will appreciate the fine splendor of this realistic vanilla. There are bits of real ground vanilla bean in each and every bar of Vanilla Bean soap, great for exfoliation. Let us know what you think once you have given our New Vanilla Bean a try.

Did you know that the aromatherapy benefits of vanilla are known to include heightened mental clarity, increased circulation, clearing respiratory airways and as a weightloss aid. Since the time of the Aztecs its also been known as an aphrodisiac. The medicinal benefits of the vanilla have been thought to calm stomach pains, reduce hunger pangs and relieve stress.

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