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Happy New Year!


As you may have noticed after visiting our updated site, we going back to the basics. I started Sandi's Soap Scents back in March of 2001 and over the past 17 years have continued to add new products and scents. Bar soaps have continued to be my best selling product through the years. I have recently reevaluated my business and decided to discontinue many products that I just don't sell enough of to keep them in my line. I have also added holiday products through the years and have found that it is my regular everyday fragrances that continue to sell the most even as gifts. I apologize if I discontinue a product or scent you have fallen in love with. Please write me if that is the case and I will do my best to see if it is something I can continue to make. Times change and what people purchase usually change. However, bar soap has been a constant for the majority of my customers and will not be going anywhere! Thank you for your understanding and for your continued business as we enjoy another holiday season.

Thank you, Sandi


We offer handmade, spa quality products at affordable prices....luxurious bath, body & home fragrance. Choose a product, select from our huge list of scents and your custom product will be shipped right to your home or business. The possibilities are endless. Pamper yourself from head to toe with soaps, lotions, mists & more....fruity to floral, fresh to exotic... moisturizing, lush luxuries that are great for your skin and super-scented for your senses.

Our handmade glycerin soap is made using 100% pure vegetable glycerin base which also meets the strict Vegan guidelines. Our soaps are non-comedogenic and does not clog pores. We take great pride in creating our products and make everything in small batches to maintain the highest of quality and freshness. 

So sit back, relax and browse the site and see what “must haves” await your body & senses!  

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